“We asked Monia to do some original family photographs for us with our toddler. She came highly recommended to us by a friend. We were absolutely thrilled with the results and will cherish those photos forever.” – Mallika M.

“Monia, muchas gracias por esa sesión de fotos. Nos hiciste sentir muy bien y supiste plasmar en las fotos la felicidad q estabamos sintiendo en esos momentos. Además de profesional, fuiste persona y supiste entender al niño y esperar a que él, q no entiende de momentos, pusiera su mejor sonrisa. Volvería a repetir, una y mil veces esa experiencia contigo.
Muchas gracias por todo, por esas fotos q cada vez q las veo, me gustan más y por lo humana y profesional q eres.
Para mi eres la mejor!” – Elena N.

“When my baby girl turned one, I was torn between wanting some nice photos of us together and my dislike of being photographed… Thinking my mother would never forgive me, I finally asked Monia to come over to our flat and take some pictures.  The result was just magical.  Monia managed to capture our daughter’s spirit just right and we have some family photos to treasure forever.  What was even better though, is that I enjoyed the experience!
Monia made me feel very comfortable and it was actually a good laugh!” – Emilie A. L.