weddings & social events faq

How do I chose the best photographer for me?

Every photographer has got his/her own personal style. I would recomment that you search and select those that you believe respond better to your own style’s requirements. Get in contact with them, meet up with some and see who you feel more comfortable with.


Why does wedding photography seem so expensive?

As it often happens, the majority of the work involved happens behind the scenes, in other words, before and after the wedding day itself.
I believe it’s very important to spend some time with the couple to carefully discuss requirements and options. Also, after the wedding day a lot of time is spent selecting and editing the photographs.


Is there anything I can do to help my photographer?

There are plenty of things to think about on your wedding day and it’s easy to forget about the photos. It’s better to agree beforehand with the photographer on how you can cooperate with him/her on the day. Also, it’s very important to prevent friends and family to use flashes while photos are being taken. Make sure the photographer is aware of “key people” at your wedding.


What if it’s a rainy day?

I am Italian… and in Italy we say “Soaked bride, lucky bride!” … well, I guess it’s a positive way to look at bad circumstances. Even if we are facing unexpected weather circumstances, I think umbrellas and reflections in paddles can add caracter and magic to the images.


Who has the copyright on the images?

A photographer will usually retain copyright on their images. If you have chosen to have your images on a CD, you can print them as you like. You just are  not allowed to sell them on or use them for any commercial purpose.
The photographer has the right to use the images for portfolio and an agreement is signed prior to the wedding to protect both parties rights.

* For any other question, doubt or simply to find out more about myself. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to meet you.


How can I have an idea about options and fees?

Please see: Social events options and fees.